It's been three months since I have talked to you guys on the blog about our wait list numbers!
We have hardly moved...hence the silence.  Monthly numbers just haven't seemed that exciting.
I kind of dread the number email every month.  I try not to think about it...I try NOT to look at the facebook group, because if they aren't announcing referrals on there it means that they aren't going out.  Most families are on there.
We're is a bit disappointing, but I KNOW God is in control!  He knows who our lil one is and when it's time for them to come home to us.  I know the disappointment in my heart is nothing to the pain my lil one is feeling or will feel when she/he is relinquished.  So, we use this time to pray for our lil one.

On a good note, we met an adoptive Ethiopian family in our neighborhood!  YEAH!!!!  They stopped by this morning for about 15 minutes...their lil girl is soooo cute!  I wanted to give her a huge hug, but that would have been creepy.  So, I gave her mom a hug!

Hope you are well!  We are doing good...promise. I just thought I would update you on our number.



04/15/2013 9:16pm

Sorry for a disappointing month :(. It's so tough when there isn't movement. Praying for a flood of referrals and movement to a much lower number in the coming months!
*thats so exciting about the adoptive family in your neighborhood! I always want to pick up (old and new) friend's !

04/15/2013 9:18pm

Sorry! Commenting on my iPad and I hit submit on accident! I meant that I always want to pick up and squeeze ET and DRC cuties! It would be awkward and I refrain myself too. But still. I want to :-). Hugs to you!!


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