Books...books are taking over my life!  For this lady who does not naturally love reading, having SIX books open is almost overwhelming. BUT they are the perfect picture of this season of life!

Ready for this breakdown?
First up and haven't even opened is A Theology As Big As The City!  I am so excited to open up this book and dive into it.  My company is sending me to this year long leadership institute with our association for emerging leaders! This is with emerging leaders from all over the country.  We'll meet up for all together three times this year, but in the mean time we are reading tons of books!  THEN usually get to do a webinar with the author and ask questions.  In March, we had a webinar with Steve Corbett author of When Helping Hurts! WOW, that was like talking to a rock star.  He is one of the leading experts in Christian Community Development.  If you go on mission trips, give financially to charitable agencies working with the poor, or work with the poor you HAVE to read When Helping Hurts.

Another book for my leadership class, The New Evangelicals, shines a good light on evangelicals, politics, and the religious right.  Talks about how the church lost it's biblical focus! Gives us some really good things to think about.  I liked it...not sure if you will!

Suggested to me by a new adoption friend, there is no me without you!  Grab your tissue and get ready to learn!  I am about 1/2 of the way through this book and I am in LOVE.  It tells some history of Ethiopia and the AIDS crisis.  I have cried, righteous anger has been stirred, and I have been challenged by a women of great compassion!  It is amazing!  Can't wait to finish it.  I feel that it is important to finish, because I will not be able to read anything else until it is finished.

This book is about Harewegoin Teferra who carred for AIDS orphans in her country, Ethiopia.  Dr. Gary Gunderson said "The only hope for the vast majority of the 25 million orphans...are people like Harewegoin Teferra. A dozen global conferences will not shed half the light that her life does."

One of our counselors at work gave me this book about a year ago...HAVEN'T READ IT YET!  Then about a month ago, a friend said "Kara, you need to live from the heart Jesus gave you!"  She has read it and is now keeping me accountable to reading it.  When I told the counselor, he offered to be another level of accountability for me!  He had me set the deadline of July 1st.  He will give me a week grace period...he said.   I smiled wide.  I enjoy him!

STILL HAVEN'T OPENED....see, I'm drowning in books!
Tomorrow is July 1st! EEEKK!!

AND I'm reading One Thousand Gifts with a friend for our bi-monthly bible study together.  We can't decide if we like it yet.  It is a bit girly for me...very descriptive form of writing...good content, but seems to take her awhile to get to it!  And if you have 6 books on your plate, you aren't too thrilled for someone to take a bit to get to their point!!

Good ideas and good use of scripture!

We have another book on adoption that Josh and I are reading doesn't interest me much at the moment!  I have to finish There is No Me Without You before I can get into it.  So much to do.  I spent yesterday on the porch reading for hours.  Will probably do the same this afternoon and tomorrow!

That's my life!  What are you reading?

~Kara M


07/02/2013 5:18am

I am almost finished with There is No Me Without You. Glad you had me read it.

07/08/2013 2:49pm

I've got a few books 'in process' at the moment too. I keep an eye on a free Christian ebooks site and I've built up quite a library on my iPad. I start a couple of weeks leave at the end of this week so I'm hoping to get through a few.


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