If you know me very well and have heard any of my 5 soap boxes, you know that I can't stand the term "the least of these." Yes, I get the biblical term.  Before today, I had only heard it used in one context that I actually loved.  It was at the 2011 Together for Adoption conference in Phoenix.  I can't even remember much of what Jeff Vanderstelt preached on, but I do remember one thing he said. "the least of these?  We are ALL the least of these! God is God and the rest of us are the least of these. We are dead in our transgressions without him!"  This woman, me, about jumped out of my seat with AMENS!! Okay, so really, this introvert looked at her husband, winked, and internally gave God a high five (we have that kind of relationship)! :D 
It's the idea/truth that we all come to the cross of Christ equally!

Just imagine if people called YOU "the least of these"?!  What if that is how people identified you and your value?! WRONG!!! Our identity is in Christ! :D

THEN today I heard this song below!  Part of my "least of these" soap box has to do with dignity...another reason why I don't like pictures of poor African kids that spark an "Oh poor people! I feel so sorry for them!" (don't even get me started on blessings...another soap box).  ANYWAYS, back to my reason for chatting with you today!  I saw this video today and about started weeping.  It is the second time that I have heard "the least of these" used in a dignifying way!  I LOVE it because it talks about the children becoming kings and queens...it speaks to their true value.  It shows them smiling, laughing, wrapped in royal glory!

"They will be brave & free. Shout your name in victory!"
Did you cry?!  When they show the first boy with a giant smile, I LOST it!
"The least of these" is still not my favorite phrase and I wish they could use another term, BUT
I'm cool with it because they speak to the true value of the children! :D

Thanks for letting me share a bit of "soap box Kara" with you today!
Hope you love the video...like I DO!



03/24/2013 1:02am

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video, the story behind the video and the song! You're so right... I love it because it is a redemptive story and gives dignity to these precious ones!


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